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“I thought, Wow, what an incredible way to put a value on
this (asset).”
- Stephen Ellis, policy owner and Veris client quoted in the
Wall Street Journal, November 26, 2007

Veris Settlement Partners

Veris' Directors are life insurance experts and have 75 years of experience in the life insurance industry. Directors Stephen Shorrock and Russel Dorsett served as CEOs of highly-rated insurance carriers plus Mr. Dorsett served as President of LISA, the Life Insurance Settlement Association. We know both life insurance and life settlements plus our lengthy relationship with 20 providers and their numerous funders gives Veris the ability to find positive outcomes for your cases, particularly the challenging ones.

Since our inception in 2006, we've helped policyowners receive approximately$60 million more than if they surrendered the policy back to the carrier. We are uniquely positioned to provide financial advisory professionals, and the policyowners they serve, with the level of professionalism, service and disclosure that they expect and deserve.

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Master Class 
Photo of Veris Director Steve Shorrock giving a Life Settlement Master Class.

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The Insurance Studies Institute recently reported that "the secondary market for life insurance policies provides a great social and economic value for seniors."

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Veris Settlement Partners, Inc. is a multi-state viatical and life settlement broker. Veris Settlement Partners, Inc., and/or its affiliate firms Chesapeake Financial Settlements, LLC and Select Life Settlements Corporation, and/or one of its four directors as individuals, is licensed as a life settlement broker or viatical settlement broker in the following regulated states: AR, CT, FL, GA, HI, IN, LA, MD, MS, NC, NJ, NY, PA, TX, UT, VA.

Depending on the medical condition of the insured, Veris Settlement Partners, Inc. may or may not be able to broker a life insurance policy owned by a resident of the following states: CA, DE, IL, MA, MN, NM, OR, VT, WA, WI.

Veris Settlement Partners, Inc., and/or one of its four directors as individuals, may broker a life insurance policy owned by a resident of the following states that are not regulated and do not require licensure: AL, AZ, DC, ID, MI, MO, NH, RI, SC, SD, WY.

Some or all of the proceeds from a life settlement may be taxable under federal or state income tax laws.  Advice from a professional tax advisor is recommended. Veris Settlement Partners, inc. is not a viatical or life settlement provider.

This Compliance Notice is current as of August 15, 2008 and is subject to change.