Charities & Life Settlements

Fund Raising Opportunities For Charities, Non-Profits & Educational Institutions

“I am glad I had the opportunity to learn about this new financial planning and charitable giving tool.”

– Jane Kolson, Associate Vice President of Development at The George Washington University

Many non-profits solicit unneeded life insurance policies as a component of their charitable gifting program. Organizations are provided with a potentially valuable long-term asset and donors are able to benefit from a current tax deduction for the cash surrender value of the policy and ongoing deductions for any future premium payments made on behalf of the charity/institutions as a result of these policies.

But what if the Institution or Charity cannot afford to maintain premium payments and the policy is in danger of lapsing? What happens when a donor can no longer afford premium payments? Or when the Institution or Charity finds it needs cash to support current programs?

Previously, options were limited to reallocating additional assets to pay for the life insurance premium payment, surrendering the policy for the cash value or just allowing the policy to lapse.

Life settlements now provide an attractive new gifting option

Charities and institutions can communicate to potential donors of unnecessary or expensive policies that a life settlement can create immediate benefits for both themselves and the institution or charity.

For the institution…

…a Life Settlement can provide cash that is be immediately available to meet today’s operating requirements. It reduces the need to spend down assets tied to long-term investments and eliminates expensive premiums as well as the cost of annual management and review of donated policies.

For the Donor…

… a life settlement allows he or she to see the donation at work – “Giving While Living.” Life settlement will yield substantially more cash than surrender value, increasing the gift size and the accompanying tax deduction. It may also enable the donor to use tax savings to purchase replacement coverage.


Case History #1 – George Washington University

Case History #2 – Mt. St.Mary’s University

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