Why Veris?

Why Veris?

As a Life Settlement Intermediary, VERIS Settlement Partners is recognized as one of the best in the industry. VERIS principals Russ Dorsett and Steve Shorrock are both past life insurance company CEOs.  Steve continues to work with life companies and agents developing life products and sales concepts. That in-depth product knowledge is imperative in maximizing a policy’s value as a life settlement.

We do not work with everyone. We select partners with whom we do business either through past history or recommendation. And we partner only on life settlement transactions.

“Their collective knowledge and experience in the insurance industry as not only adding value to each transaction, but also is an asset to the ever-evolving life settlement industry.”
-Meir Eliav, life settlement industry pioneer | Founder and President of provider Legacy Benefits Corporation

Veris Life Settlement’s Key Market Differentiators

Unmatched Life Insurance Experience. Our executive team has experience in product design, actuarial, underwriting and sales and marketing for both individual and group insurance, corporate-owned life insurance, executive benefit planning and advanced estate planning.

Commitment to “Best Practices”.  Life settlement is complex and the regulatory environment varies by state from extremely stringent to non-existent. Veris employs the best approaches to consumer protection, privacy and efficiency, far exceeding the minimum requirements in a given jurisdiction.

Due Diligence. Veris conducts an extensive due diligence process for all affiliates, both providers and producer-partners, to make certain that all entities are appropriately licensed and compliant. Veris will only submit policies to qualified buyers who have participated in the due diligence process and been approved.

“Value-Added” Compensation. VERIS is paid on a value added basis, a maximum of 10% of the value provided above cash surrender value – the higher the offer for the policy the higher our compensation. Since inception, VERIS has generated over $60 million above cash surrender value to owners of life policies.

Internal Evaluation. At no cost to the seller, Veris evaluates each potential life settlement for viability. This process can eliminate transactions which are marginal or inappropriate for the seller, and helps set expectations when the policy is a good candidate for life settlement.

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Coverage – Most E&O policies held by agents omit life settlement transactions.  VERIS’s E&O coverage was designed cover that gap and protect agents with up to $1 million of liability, a very expensive benefit at no charge.

Disclosure and Transparency.  Written agreements between broker, producer-partner and seller are provided at the beginning of the process, plus extensive disclosure documents explaining positives and negatives associated with life settlements, compensation disclosure and impact on benefits and future insurability.

Other Value Added Services.

  • Over two dozen institutional funding sources.
  • Assistance with licensing and compliance.


Veris Settlement Partners, Inc. is a multi-state viatical and life settlement broker. Veris Settlement Partners, Inc., and/or its affiliate firms Chesapeake Financial Settlements, LLC and Select Life Settlements Corporation, and/or one of its two directors as individuals, may be licensed as a life settlement broker or viatical settlement broker, or may be able to broker a life insurance policy owned by a resident of most states. For a list of states and licensing call Veris. Some or all of the proceeds from a life settlement may be taxable under federal or state income tax laws. Advice from a professional tax advisor is recommended. Veris Settlement Partners, inc. is not a viatical or life settlement provider. This Compliance Notice is current as of August 15, 2008 and is subject to change.