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Articles & News

“Financial professionals need to understand this market and the opportunities and obligations it brings them.”
– Trust & Estates

To download the articles below, right click on the link and select ‘save target as‘ to save it to your computer. You can view the article by clicking on the link.

To download the articles below, right click on the link and select ‘save target as‘ to save it to your computer. You can view the article by clicking on the link.

Where Do Life Settlements Fit for Agents and Financial Advisors?
– March 6, 2018

Veris Life Settlements Flyer
– July 28, 2017

Start the New Year By Offering a New Service to Your Clients
– July 27, 2017

Unlock The Potential of Your In-Force Block of Business
– July 26, 2017

Do Your Elderly Clients Have Policies They Can No Longer Afford But Still Need Life Insurance Protection?
– July 25, 2017

Don’t Overlook a Life Insurance Policy in Helping Your Clients Increase Retirement Assets
– The Secondary Market -August 26, 2014

The Life Settlement Market Has Bounced Back With New Capital
– The Secondary Market | August 14, 2014

You Need to Discuss Life Settlements With Elderly Insureds As Part of Your Fiduciary
– The Secondary Market | August 5, 2014

Life Settlements HaveBeen Perfectly Legal For Over a Century
– The Secondary Market | July 22, 2014

Agents Need to Disclose the Life Settlement Option, According to Ruling in California Court Case
– The Secondary Market | July 3, 2014

Three New Reasons That Advisors Are Pursuing Life Settlements For Their Clients
– The Secondary Market | June 12, 2014

Veris Working With a Funder Who Does Not Need Life Expectancies Upfront on Guaranteed UL Policies
– The Secondary Market | March 12, 2014

Market Forecast For Life Settlements in 2014 and Beyond
– The Secondary Market | February 12, 2014

Phoenix Life Insurance Policies Now Have a Market
– The Secondary Market | January 16, 2014

The Whole Life Policies That You Could Never Sell Are Now Able to Be Sold
– The Secondary Market | December 19, 2013

Working With a Buyer Seeking Return of Premium Policies
– The Secondary Market | December 16, 2013

Veris Working With a Fund Buying Policies With No Medical Records or Life Expectancies
– The Secondary Market | December 13, 2013

Capital is Greater Than the Number of Policies For Sale in the Market
– The Secondary Market | October 10, 2013

New Medicaid Law in Texas Recognizes the Value of Life Settlements
– The Secondary Market | September 10, 2013

Do Your Elderly Clients Have Policies They Cannot Afford But Who Still Need Insurance Protection?
– The Secondary Market | August 26, 2013

What to Look For When Going Through Your Block of Business for Policies That Are No Longer Needed or Wanted
– The Secondary Market | August 12, 2013

Veris Settlement Partners is “Bringing Liquidity to Life”
– The Secondary Market | August 5, 2013

Road Map to a Successful Life Settlement
– The Secondary Market | July 24, 2013

Eight Exciting Reasons to Offer Life Settlements
– The Secondary Market | July 11, 2013

Life Insurance is a Possible Solution to the Impact of a Devastating Long-Term Care Expense
– November, 2012

Current Assumption UL Policies and Life Settlements: Made For Each Other
– Life and Health Pro | May 2, 2012

Why Life Insurance and Life Settlement Companies Should Work Together
– Financial Advisor | October, 2011

New Funding Recently Entered the Market
– Financial Advisor | August, 2011

The Role of the Broker in Today’s Life Settlement Market
– Life Insurance Selling | July, 2011

An Investor’s Perspective on Life Settlements
– Financial Advisor | May, 2011

Premium Financed Policies
– Financial Advisor | April, 2011

Placing a Value on Your Life Insurance Policy
– Financial Advisor | March, 2011

Accept Quality Offers While You Can
– Financial Advisor | February, 2011

Consumers Are Winners in New York’s Kramer Ruling
– Financial Advisor | January, 2011

Do Multiple Life Settlement Brokers Produce Multiple Offers?
– Financial Advisor | December, 2010

Good Life Settlement Cases Are Finding Offers Once Again
– Financial Advisor | August, 2010

The Taxation of Life Settlements
– Financial Advisor | July, 2010

Which Policies Work as Life Settlements?
– Financial Advisor | March, 2010

How New York’s New Life Settlement Regulation Affects Financial Advisors
– Financial Advisor | February, 2010

Life Settlement Regulation Approved in New York State
– Financial Advisor | January, 2010

The Life Settlement Option: Communication to Seniors Needs to Improve
– Financial Advisor | November, 2009

The Life Settlement Business After the Storm
– National Underwriter | October 19, 2009

Some Insureds Now Receiving Smaller Paid-Up Insurance Policies From Life Settlement Transactions
– Financial Advisor | October, 2009

Life Settlement Marketplace: After the Storm
– Financial Advisor | September, 2009

Small-Face Life Insurance Policies Now Being “Settled”
– Financial Advisor | July-August, 2009

Bringing Life Settlements to Small Face Policy Owners
– Financial Advisor | April, 2009

Life Settlements: Putting the Pieces Together
– Advisor Today | March, 2009

Seniors Turning to Life Insurance Policies for Needed Cash
– Financial Advisor | March, 2009

Best Practices for Life Settlements
– Wealth Management Business | February-March, 2009

Unlocking the Value in Business Insurance
– Financial Advisor | February, 2009

Start the New Year by Offering a New Service
– Financial Advisor | January, 2009

How to Order Illustrations for Life Settlements
– Financial Advisor | December, 2008

Using a Life Settlement Along With a SPIA to Provide Lifetime Income
– Financial Advisor | November, 2008

The Vast Difference Between Life Settlements and STOLI
– Life Insurance Selling | October, 2008

How Life Settlements Became an Integral Part of the Financial Services Industry
– Financial Advisor | September, 2008

Tough Times Have More Seniors Looking for Needed Cash
– Financial Advisor | August, 2008

Using Life Settlements for Charitable Giving
– Financial Advisor | July, 2008

Using Life Settlements to Fund LTC Needs
– Financial Advisor | May, 2008

Life Settlements on Premium Financed Policies
– Financial Advisor | April, 2008

Which Types of Policies Work Best?
– Financial Advisor | March 2008

How to Choose the Right Life Settlement Broker
– Financial Advisor | January, 2008

Get More for Your Policy
– Guide to Retirement Living | Winter, 2008

Setting Client Expectations
– Financial Advisor | December, 2007

Best Practices
– Financial Advisor | November, 2007

Life Settlement Regulation
– Financial Advisor | September, 2007

Life Settlements
– The Bulletin | September, 2007

Reconnect With Clients By Selling Them New Services
– Financial Advisor | June, 2007

Life Settlements are Consumer-Friendly All Around
– Financial Advisor | May, 2007

Tap the Hidden Value of Your Life Insurance to Pay LTC
– MD LifeSpan | December, 2006

Life Settlements – Providing Attorneys New Solutions and New Responsibilities
– Bar Association of MC Newsletter | June, 2006

Life Settlements Migrate Into Business Market
– Life & Health Advisor | January, 2006


Veris Settlement Partners, Inc. is a multi-state viatical and life settlement broker. Veris Settlement Partners, Inc., and/or its affiliate firms Chesapeake Financial Settlements, LLC and Select Life Settlements Corporation, and/or one of its two directors as individuals, may be licensed as a life settlement broker or viatical settlement broker, or may be able to broker a life insurance policy owned by a resident of most states. For a list of states and licensing call Veris. Some or all of the proceeds from a life settlement may be taxable under federal or state income tax laws. Advice from a professional tax advisor is recommended. Veris Settlement Partners, inc. is not a viatical or life settlement provider. This Compliance Notice is current as of August 15, 2008 and is subject to change.