The Life Settlement Transaction Process

The Life Settlement Transaction Process

“Veris is a partner I am comfortable introducing to my most valued clients.”
– Paul Gomperz, President, Volunteer Benefit Systems

Step 1:

Client completes and signs application with advisor. Also signs HIPAA Authorization Form and Authorization for Release of Policy Information to facilitate request for current in-force illustration from carrier. Client provides a copy of the policy.

Step 2: (Weeks 1 – 2)

Upon receipt of the three required forms, Veris Settlement Partners, Inc. (Veris) will order current medical records from attending physicians and/or hospitals along with in-force policy illustration.

Step 3: (Weeks 3 – 6)

Upon receiving medicals and illustrations, Veris will forward complete policy appraisal package to multiple providers. Providers and/or Veris will forward medical records to their respective vendors that calculate life expectancy reports (LE’s). Upon receiving life expectancy calculations, providers will underwrite the client’s policy to see if it meets its funding sources criteria.

Step 4: (Weeks 7-9)

Providers begin to make offers for the policy. Veris manages the bidding process to obtain the highest offer. Upon acceptance of the highest offer by the client, Veris will request contracts from the provider.

Step 5: (Weeks 10-12)

Advisor and client gather to complete closing documents. Completed documents are forwarded to Veris for review and shipment to provider.

Step 6: (Weeks 12-15)

Provider reviews and approves closing documents. Provider ships documents to escrow agent. Escrow agent approves documents and then sends change of ownership and beneficiary documents to carrier. Upon receiving verification from carrier on change of ownership, funds are release to client from escrow within 72 hours. Client has 15-day rescission period in most states.

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Veris Settlement Partners, Inc. is a multi-state viatical and life settlement broker. Veris Settlement Partners, Inc., and/or its affiliate firms Chesapeake Financial Settlements, LLC and Select Life Settlements Corporation, and/or one of its two directors as individuals, may be licensed as a life settlement broker or viatical settlement broker, or may be able to broker a life insurance policy owned by a resident of most states. For a list of states and licensing call Veris. Some or all of the proceeds from a life settlement may be taxable under federal or state income tax laws. Advice from a professional tax advisor is recommended. Veris Settlement Partners, inc. is not a viatical or life settlement provider. This Compliance Notice is current as of August 15, 2008 and is subject to change.